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The First Global Marketing Plan.

First Global Real Estate Network, Inc. was established in 1981 to assist independent real estate firms having no other affiliations or membership in a national franchise build both their business and their agent's business by developing creative marketing tools and items of value.

Today, First Global is one of the largest and most prestigious real estate networks with approximately 6,500 members in over 2,500 offices throughout the United States, Canada and in several foreign countries and we are selecting additional members each month.

First Global is not a franchise! Our members keep their company identity - an identity that took a great deal of time, money and effort to establish and we keep our members costs to a minimum. The cost of membership is determined by the population of the marketplace your firm covers.

First Global Membership is only granted to one firm in each community. The firm must have the finest personal and professional reputation to represent the group in the marketplace. This approach has resulted in a solid international reputation for being one of the strongest marketing programs available for independent real estate organizations.

If you are looking for a successful alternative to franchising, First Global is the organization For you. Our exclusive marketing tools and services will enable your firm to obtain more listings, buyers, referrals, and quality real estate agents.

To obtain additional information about the First Global Marketing Plan, please call us at 800.525.8525 or complete this form.

First Global Career Opportunities

Join First Global

We are currently adding First Global Area Managers to our team. Individuals selected will have a background in real estate or a related profession with the ability to develop an assigned marketplace, lead our area network of member firms and agents, and establish contacts with local based corporations. To see if you meet our established requirements, contact us at 800.525.8525 or email us at

Real Estate Agent Opportunities

Step up to a Rewarding Career in Real Estate

Real estate is big business. The potential, both personally and financially, is practically limitless and when you join a First Global Member Firm, you increase your probability to succeed in the real estate profession. Each member firm was selected because they have the finest personal and professional reputation in their community and if a member firm selects you to join their organization, they will commit to assisting you with licensing information, and both initial and field training.

If you are an experienced agent, then being a sales associate with a First Global Member Firm is definitely a plus. Earn top commissions, without paying those high franchise fees! And as a First Global Member, your firm will be able to provide you with value added marketing tools and benefits available only to our First Global Agents.

Since each member is an independent real estate firm, each sets their own hiring policies. To see if you meet their established requirements, contact us at 800.525.8525 or complete this form.